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DCRUST Theory Date Sheet of B.Tech. 3rd Sem. (Re-appear & Improvement) Exam. May-June, 2012

Theory Date Sheet of B.Tech. 3rd Sem. (Re-appear & Improvement)
Exam. May-June, 2012
Time of Exam:. 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon for Morning Session (M)
Time of Exam:. 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM for Evening Session (E)
Controller of Examinations
Date Course No. Course Title Course
Branch Session
14.05.2012 Math-201 Mathematics-III 302 All Branches
(except BT)
BT-201 Cell Biology 361 BT E
18.05.2012 HUM-201 Economics 301 All Branches
(Except BT, BME)
BME-201 Bio-Chemistry 351 BME E
BT-203 Micro Biology 362 BT E
22.05.2012 CSE-201 Data Structure & Algorithms 303 CSE, ECE E
EE-209 Electrical Measurement &
Measuring Instruments
314 EE E
ME-201 Thermodynamics 331 ME E
CHE-201 Chemical Engineering Process
341 CHE E
BME-203 Introduction to Biomedical
352 BME E
BT-205 Bio-Chemistry 363 BT E
CE-201 Strength of Materials 371 CE E
26.05.2012 CSE-203 Discrete Structures 304 CSE E
EE-201/ ECE-
Electrical Engineering Materials
& Semiconductor Devices
311 EE, ECE E
ME-203 Strength of Materials-I 332 ME E
CHE-203 Fluid Flow 342 CHE E
BME-205 Human Anatomy & Physiology 353 BME E
BT-207 Genetics 364 BT E
CE-203 Surveying 372 CE E
30.05.2012 ECE-213 Digital & AnalogCommunication
305 CSE EEE-203 Network Theory 312 EE, ECE E
ME-205 Engineering Mechanics 333 ME E
CH-201 Organic Chemistry 343 CHE E
ECE-215 Electronics-I 354 BME E
BT-209 Organic Chemistry 365 BT E
CE-205 Material Science & Engg. 373 CE E
03.06.2012 ECE-204 Digital Electronics 422 CSE M
ECE-211 Electronics Engg. 334 ME, CHE, CE E
EE-251 Network Analysis & Design 355 BME E
06.06.2012 CE-207 Building construction &M t i l
374 CE MEE-207 Electrical Machines-I 313 EE M
EE-205 Electromechanical EnergyConversion321 ECE M

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